How cooking new recipes turns me into a Muppet

I am a child of the Muppets. I adore Jim Henson’s maniacal creations from Animal to Cookie Monster; the American Eagle to Snuffaluffagus.

But I will always hold a special place in my heart for the most ambitious of cooks, the most creative of cuisine, the finagler of foodstuffs… the one and only, Swedish Chef.

You couldn’t help but get whisked (haha, get it?) away by his unending enthusiasm and optimism for cooking, no matter how feisty his ingredients might be. And while his methods were sometimes unconventional, you could tell that chef-ing filled his days with sunshine and rainbows.

And when cooking something new I inevitably turn into the Swedish Chef.

It goes a little something like this:

When I describe what I am going to cook for dinner:


Mentally psyching myself up before starting:

Via: icantfeelmyarms.tumblr
Yes I can!  Via: icantfeelmyarms.tumblr

Then when I turn on the stove and/or oven:

So Much Potential Destruction!  Via:

Mixing the first ingredients together… oh it’s going so well!

Via: vonmuir.tumblr
Cooking, yeahhhhhhhhh!   Via: vonmuir.tumblr

When the recipe calls for a fancy technique or tool:

Okay, So I take the tennis racket and what?  Via:

When things start to burn, or smell funny, or I totally forget a step/ingredient.


When my finished product looks like a classic Pinterest-Fail:


What presenting a new recipe to others feels like:

Via: oldfashionedscreencaps.tumblr
EXPLOSIONS! DESTRUCTION! FAIL!  Via: oldfashionedscreencaps.tumblr

How I feel after everyone is somehow happy and full of food!

Via: icantfeelmyarms.tumblr
Cooking is the best! Kitchen-Dance-Party-Time! Via: icantfeelmyarms.tumblr

Herdy Gurdy Gurdy! Børk! Børk! Børk!

(Nerdy Bonus: Two great articles about how the Swedish Chef speaks closer to Norwegian vs Swedish.)


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