TGIT…. Thank Goodness It’s Thursday

At the risk of putting an unpopular thought into writing…

I think I like Thursdays more than Fridays.

Now hear me out... Fridays are pretty spectacular. End of the work week, start of the weekend; a plethora of songs and movies have been written about Fridays. I have nothing against Fridays. I genuinely heart Fridays. However, I feel like Thursday is the cute little sister who always gets overlooked.

And I think it’s high time we give Thursday a little love.

Thursdays are about anticipation. Thursdays are about being on the brink. Thursdays are about hope and potential and almost.

There is that old nursery rhyme about children’s personalities based on what day of week they were born. Here’s the link to it if you are interested. Looking at the oh so popular Friday: “Friday’s Child is Loving and Giving”YAWN…. That’s sounds nice and all, but also a bit dull, to be honest.

Now, what can we learn about Thursday from a circa 1800’s rhyme? “Thursday’s Child Has Far to Go.”  NOW THAT IS MORE LIKE IT! You might say, hey, doesn’t that mean Thursday is full of challenges and struggles and needed growth? Well, perhaps. But I also take it as meaning that Thursday is still part of the process. Thursday is still changing and adapting and experiencing. Thursday is having adventures, guys! Thursday is tearing it up and getting crazy and bringing home good stories! Thursday is for LIVING. (For the sake of full disclosure, I was born on a Thursday so I may be slightly partial….)

When you go out and catch a happy hour on Thursdays, it feel a little naughty. A bit rebellious. Just the slightest bit dangerous… it IS still a school-night, afterall.

Even if your Thursday night involves sweatpants and your remote control, they are special. Somehow, just by existing on the edge of escape, Thursdays are all the more precious; one more drink, one last dance, one final merry-go-round loop before closing your week.

Fridays are expected. Fridays are anticlimactic. Fridays are routine.

Fridays are about what is going to happen.

Thursdays are about what COULD happen.

Don’t believe me still? Well, the following BABY PUPPIES AND KITTENS all love Thursday. And baby puppies and kittens can’t be wrong. It’s kinda a universal law. So maybe you should give it a shot, huh?

(Yes I know baby-puppies/kittens is repetitive. JUST GO WITH ME.)


Still not with me? Alright try these two:


Still no? Here is a puppy and kitten TOGETHER, putting aside their biological animosity for the sake of Thursday.


If you are not with me now, you are hopeless.

For those who stuck with me, here is a bonus: a baby human who likes Thursdays too.

(I give because I care.) Happy Thursday, World.


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