HBO Stands for “So Long to Being Productive”

(I wanted to come up with some sort of creative statement describing procasination using the letters HBO but then I thought I would just put it off until I finished writing this post)

Why, oh WHY did I just sign up for HBO?

Probably one of my worst time-management decisions I have made in a while.

I was just about tapped out on both Netflix and Hulu and sufficiently bored with most current tv offerings. Suddenly, even for someone who watches minimal tv, my productiveness levels were on the brink of soaring! Skyrocketing! Blowing up!

But no… In a continuation of my lifelong secret talent of being lazy while not appearing so, I found another source of distraction.

A new drug. A fresh addiction. A time-suck to end all time-sucks.

Suddenly all these well-written, interesting, and dare I say it, worthwhile tv shows and specials are at my fingertips!

– I can finally chime in at the proverbial water cooler about Boardwalk Empire without being three months late to the conversation. (Stupid tv to DVD time lag)
– At last I can compare the adaptation of my beloved nerdy books to the series GOT. (The book was probably better…).
– And I can finally understand if it’s a compliment or insult when people tell me I talk like the characters in Girls.

Not that I have ever had problems with finding ways to be distracted. I think all creative types are naturally inclined to inspiration in both our doings and our non-doings. ( I like to call it “Pretty Bird” syndrome…. You are in the middle of a thought or process then “Ohhh! Look! Shiny!”

And with it on my Apple TV it’s way way WAY too easy to catch up on the last 8 years of pop culture references I had previously faked my way though. I may even someday watch The Sopranos.

It’s not like I wasn’t warned.

BRB, off to marathon me some Newsroom.

Will continue this post later. (Nope, probably won’t. )

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