9 Instagram Dont’s that I didn’t even realize were a Thing.

Ah, Instagram. Home of one-thousand sunsets and pseduo-vintage scenery. I only really embraced the popular app last year after it was described to me as follows:

For creating and sharing for beautiful, funny, artistic, interesting or creative moments in your life through your photography and the occasional filter. 

That is what I am interested in seeing on it and how I attempt to use it.

Lately I have come across articles identifying certain over-exposed subjects. The best part is I wasn’t aware that people were posting under these themes, even less that it had become a problem. I guess I am not hip with the kids and all, but some of these Instagram subjects boggle my mind.

So in the desire to educate, here are 9 things that you may not know you could have been Instagramming but that you should stop Instagramming immediately or else: 

And to make it fun, I am doing it all through Lord of the Rings gifs. Because I can.

  1. NAILS – Unless you are a professional nail artist really ridiculously talented, why would you post images of your painted nails? Maybe it’s because when I paint my nails they look like a small child attacked them with paint. Why would I show that?

    via: tumblr.com
  2. FEET – I am cool with the occasional feet-in-sand photo to show off your amazing vacation locale. Otherwise, I don’t want to see your feet. Feet are weird. qjx9ozo1_500
  3. EMPTY PLATES – I can deal with the fact that sometimes people show me pics of delicious food that I cannot eat. It is cruel but I can live with it. However, why would you ever take a photo of a dirty, empty plate? That is neither artistic or appetizing.

    via: tumblr.com
    via: tumblr.com
  4. LEFTOVERS– See Empty Plates.

    via: tumblr.com
    via: tumblr.com
  5. STOCK PHOTOS / PICS YOU DIDN’T TAKE – You are both dumb AND a liar.

    via: tumblr.com
    via: tumblr.com
  6. QUOTES – So, you take a picture of words that are part of a picture? Is this some profound inception reference that I don’t understand?

    via: tumblr.com
    via: tumblr.com
  7. TEXT MESSAGES/SCREEN SHOTS – How is this artistic? How is your friend’s misspelling something I want to look at through a Kelvin Filter? This is NOT the right platform guys. That is why they invented the Damn You Auto Correct website.

    via: tumblr.com
    via: tumblr.com
  8. BAD SELFIES – As in mirror self portraits where I can see your camera phone. Is this still happening really? Hasn’t anyone ever told you that bathroom lighting is TERRIBLE?

    via: celebquote.com
    via: tumblr.com
  9. YOUR DESK OR WORKSPACE – And is your desk/workspace something amazing I have never seen before? If yes, then go ahead. Otherwise I know what a mid-toned oak rectangle loaded down with multiple screens, a keyboard, and a coffee mug looks like. I have seen Office Space.                                                                            (I am also just going to overlook the fact that you are on Instagram at work.)

    via: tumblr.com
    via: tumblr.com

INSTAGRAM  :  You Are Doing It Wrong.

Inspired by these great articles:




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