How to Settle Back Home, Post-Travel: A 15-Step Tutorial

Just got back today from a four day trip, but for fun not work! Hooray!

We will chat another day all about my latest adventure, boys and girls, but I want to talk first about one of my very favorite topics of all… habits (especially silly habits).

So I have noticed that whether it is for work or travel, I have a whole routine I seem to go through every single time I return from being absent from my home for several days. It has become a bit of a re-acclimating process, if you will.

Let me break it down for you, checklist style:


STEP 1: Open door and set down suitcase. Allow yourself a small but quick happy jig.

STEP 2: Do a safety lap and check the house, especially the shower, for nefarious characters waiting to do you harm. Embrace your ridiculous paranoia.

STEP 3: Discard unnecessary shoes and clothes. DO NOT DO BEFORE STEP 2!!!

STEP 4: Open suitcase and remove toiletries and general bathroom and hygiene stuffs. Remove nothing further yet.

STEP 5: Check the refrigerator. Perhaps previously sought nefarious characters refilled it with tasty snacks. Spend at least two minutes staring hopefully into refrigerated depths.

STEP 6: Notice that plants could really use some water.

STEP 7: Immediately forget to water plants.

STEP 8: Wander apartment aimlessly for several minutes wondering what it is you are supposed to be doing.

STEP 9: Remove computer/ipad/kindle/other electronics from suitcase.

STEP 10: Immediately check email/FB/Wordpress/etc on said electronics, even if you just checked them.

STEP 11: If there was any cheese in the fridge, go grab a slice and consume. Repeat as necessary.

STEP 12: Plop down in comfy yellow(or whatever color you may have) chair. Revel in the general awesomeness of being home in your awesome home.

STEP 13: Jot down a quick idea for a future blog post.

STEP 14: End up writing whole darn blog post right then.

STEP 15: Several days later, realize you still haven’t unpacked your suitcase really. Maybe go ahead and do that.

And that’s it! Easy-peasy, right?

Feel free to print out my blog and use as a handy checklist. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Happy travels (and returns) to all!

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