9 Awesome Things Established in 1983

Okay, so this is a totally self-centered post today, kids. I would like to take a moment and discuss a handful of pretty darn amazing things that all began in 1983, just like yours truly. And with 9 days to go until I leave my 20’s FOR-EV-ER, nine seemed like the number to go with so here you go, world. 9 AWESOME THINGS EST. IN 1983, OTHER THAN ME:

  1. READING RAINBOW – Obviously I was a nerdy child, (still am actually) but this show was the best. I will accept no arguments on that point. Reading is cool. Check out this remix to fill your day with sunshine and happiness.

    via: mashable.com
  2. THE MOONWALK – Okay so technically it was created earlier, but it was in 1983 that MJ (who’s music is extra awesome ’cause we have the same initials) first debuted it on TV and really started something Want to learn how? (You know you do) Here’s a link to a handy moonwalk tutorial.

    via: thecount.com
  3. PLINKO – Yep, everyone’s favorite Price is Right game first debuted January 3rd, 1983 and hasn’t slowed down since. Here’s a nice counter argument from NPR saying why Plinko is actually the worst. I heart NPR, but choose to respectfully disagree.

    via diytheme.com
  4. CARE BEARS – Both the plush toy and the first TV special came out in 1983. CARE BEAR STAREimage
  5. A CHRISTMAS STORY – Forever teaching us to mispronounce “Fragile”, this holiday classic came out in 1983.

    via: halloweencostumes.com
  6. D.A.R.E. – The coolest way to keep kids off drugs got it’s start the same year I was brought into this world. That pretty neat, you guys.

    via: extreme80s.com
  7. KILAUEA ERUPTING – This volcano has basically been erupting, non-stop for the PAST 30 YEARS STRAIGHT. That is all.

    via: kilaueuadventures.com
  8. MOBILE PHONES – The first mobile telephones intended for the public were released by Motorola, kicking off 30 years of humanity slowly losing the ability to communicate.

    via: mavromatic.com
  9. THE INTERNET– This magical system that allows me to spread my vast knowledge and insight with the rest of the world? Oh yeah, pretty much created into the system we know it today back in 1983 when ARPNET happened. Here’s a link to some smart people explaining it all.

    via: reactiongifs.com


A couple extra awesome things that happened in 1983…

  • MLK Day became an official holiday
  • Sally Ride became the first American woman in space
  • Swatch started making their cool watches
  • Mini-vans were pretty much invented (or at least the term was) Yay for Moms/Dads!
  • The Mario Bros Arcade Game was released
  • Trading Places, Ghostbusters AND Gremlins were released in theaters
  • Fraggle Rock and the A-Team began
  • Speaking of Michael Jackson…  Thriller hit #1 on the charts Feb 26 and stayed put for 37 weeks. Billie Jean and Beat It were also released in ’83.
  • And all this stuff too:
    via: acardandagift.com

    Woohoo! Best Year EVERRRRRRRRRRRR!

6 thoughts on “9 Awesome Things Established in 1983

    1. Glad you are also a fan of the awesomeness of ’83…. And thanks for picking up my MJ typo. Darn autocorrect gets me every time!

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