October = Awesome

In the words of Swedish electro-house duo Icona Pop; “I don’t care… I love it!” That laissez-faire yet impassioned attitude sums up my pride for being born in October. (Also it’s just a fun song.)

I just got home from celebrating a friend’s 30th birthday. Another college buddy turns 30 on Sunday and my brother’s birthday is in between. And that is just accounting for this week and t-minus 19 days til mine.  As a kid, my two best friends had their b-days 3 days before and 4 days after mine… it was a good month for confetti. October is chock-full of awesome things and as a totally partial person, here are a handful of reasons why this month rocks:

Hedgehog PLUS pumpkin? Yup.
  • Some kinda cool people were born in October including actors John Cleese, Hugh Jackman, Carrie Fisher and Julie Andrews, director Peter Jackson, musicians Gwen Stephani and Tom Petty, politicians Margaret Thatcher and Hillary Clinton, designer Ralph Lauren, and the all around brilliant Bill Gates. Also Vanilla Ice, but he barely made the October cutoff and we will just let November have him I think.
  • Seven US presidents were born in October, the most for any month. (Adams, Hayes, Arthur, T. Roosevelt, Eisenhower and Carter)
  • Two different horoscopes occur within its 31 days; Libra and Scorpio. This makes for a very diverse group of people born if you believe in all that Zodiac-affecting-your-personality-traits-stuff.  (Okay, so all Zodiac signs span two months, but October is still the best)
  • It should be obvious and go without stating but one of the best holidays occurs this month. That is “National Homemade Cookie Day”. Look it up… its a real thing.  Other random holidays to be noted include “Name Your Car Day”, “Canadian Thanksgiving”, “Global Handwashing Day” and “National No Beard Day”. It’s a month jam-packed with things to be celebrated.
  • Halloween also happens which is great if you like scary things (not me) and equally awesome if you were a childhood theater nerd who likes sewing and dressing up and having a day you can go all out and no one looks at you strangely.
  • Pumpkins. Pumpkins are kinda a big deal, if you didn’t know. Carving pumpkins, baking pumpkins, pretty much anything with pumpkin flavoring… there’s a reason that THIS is the month featuring that noble orange squash on most calendars. Pumpkins are October’s unofficial mascot.


  • Four major league seasons overlap in the last week of October. (MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL)
  • Weatherwise, it usually encompasses the very best of Fall with those last, delicious lingering days of warmth, the dramatic changing of the leaves (and subsequent crunching as you walk), and that first crisp morning when you can smell Winter on the horizon.
  • Apparently the Saxons refered to October as Wyn Month because it’s when they would make wine. And wine is delicious so, wyn/win.
  • Shakespeare was so intimidated by its glory that it’s never mentioned in any of his plays.
  • The Hunt for Red October,a spectacular movie and book, has the word October in it. It won an Oscar… would that have happened if the sub was called Red January? I think not.
  • Opals are the traditional birth stone for October and represent hope. They are able to express all colors in the visible spectrum within a multitude of varieties in color and pattern. Take that, emerald.
All of the things! So many great things! I had to cut myself off listing.

In conclusion, October is a FANTASTIC month to be born! Heck, after composing this list I think more appreciation should be made for the overall amazingness of October as a month in general. And here we are, only 8 days into it.

So go ahead… carpe the whole darn month.

2 thoughts on “October = Awesome

  1. Definitely jealous! Wish I was born in October, now. Also, you forgot MLS, so FIVE major league sports seasons! :o)

    1. Ah, you got me there lady, even though sometime people forget about it… 5 it is!
      Also, October will take you as an honorary member. October is welcoming.

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