Returning on a jet plane

I am sitting in an airport restaurant as I write this, awaiting a departure flight to take me back to Denver after a quick business trip. Airports are beyond fantastic for people watching… Let me tell you a bit about what I have seen.

There is the young couple at the bar… Deciding on a liquid dinner of quick beers and shots of whiskey. In my mind they are eloping and escaping a family that just doesn’t understand their love. Off to Hartford they say… What an idealistic place for romance. And I let my fantasy of their epic love stand.

There is the consummate business traveler, who greets the barkeep by name. He orders the usual. He seems bored but resigned to his routine, his tedium, his treadmill of life. He hardly glances up from his kindle when I ask if the neighboring chair is taken. He is over it. Over it all.

There is the family with a pack of children… Looking overwhelmed, just wanting to make it home in one piece, with all their kids and marriage intact. Vacation was a necessary evil, and now they are just hoping to limp across that finish line in as as close to one piece as possible. Their photos will capture a perfect, idealistic family memory. Their hearts and wallets will carry the scars of silly family fights and disagreements… But those will fade in time and leave the picture perfect preserved.

There are those who think it’s okay to wear pjs to the airport and those who look ready for prom. It’s an odd odd cross section of humanity. And I am beyond ready to be back in the comforts of my own little world. Traveling for business is just not as glamorous as I was told. More tomorrow…. I am off on this plane, to watch the sunset and imagined world of others slip behind me.

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