My Pinterest Me: Baking Edition

My Pinterest version of myself is quite the accomplished baker.

Eat the dough

(All links are actual, seemingly manageable recipes I have every intention of trying. Some day.)

My Pinterest Me bakes everything from scratch. And I mean everything. Never has an offending “boxed mix” ventured into her cupboards. Call her a pastry chef, or a confectioner, she is the Queen of Whisks, the Master of Spatulas, the Champion of the Double Broiler.

My Pinterest Me looks at most recipes as suggestions and inspiration. She rolls her eyes at premade filo dough. She can eyeball 2 TBS of baking soda with her eyes closed.

My Pinterest Me creates animal shaped bread rolls for every holiday, event, and season. (1)

My Pinterest Me custom monograms homemade Cadbury Eggs, just in time for Easter. (2)

My Pinterest Me would never create something as ordinary as just an apple pie. It must either be an apple pie within an apple (Inception-Pie?) or delicate apple pie rosettes. (3, 4)

My Pinterest Me keeps a neat supply of 12 different flours and utilizes them all. She appreciates the entrancing textural and flavor profiles that a Semolina flour can add.

My Pinterest Me has mastered all Souffles and is now interested in desserts that challenge her aesthetically. (5)

My Pinterest Me bakes true macarons, not those pedestrian macaroon biscuits just to kill some time before work and creates Baked Alaska while doing hot room yoga. (6, 7)

My Pinterest Me creates tarte tatin, strawberry savarin, and seasonal fruit clafouti on the regular. And she speaks fluent French.  (8)

My Pinterest Me is a baking ninja, whipping up herloom homemade fudge (from her family’s secret recipe, OF COURSE) at dinner parties just to keep herself entertained. (9)

My Pinterest Me is just waiting for competitive baking to become an Olympic Sport.

My Pinterest Me isn’t real.  Yet.

(Bonus: My Pinterest Me received a Kitchen Aid as a teenager… oh wait, that one IS real.)

Recipes Below:

  1. Bunny Rolls
  2. Cadbury Eggs
  3. Apple Pie Apples
  4. Rosette Apple Bites
  5. Greek Yogurt Souffle
  6. Macaroons
  7. Baked Alaska Cupcakes
  8. Classic French Desserts
  9. Family Secret Fudge

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