Tortilla Chips in Bed

If you make silly decisions when you live alone, did they even happen?

I've Made a Huge Mistake

Like the proverbial falling tree in the forest, most the time living alone is an unwitnessed cocoon. A very comfortable, safe and relaxing cocoon. I have happily been living alone for about two years, in what could almost be mistaken as an adult apartment. (Thanks Pinterest and Ikea)

However, every once in a while, I make silly silly decisions, that I would most definitely not make if someone was there looking and judging my poor choices. Last night for example… crawled into bed gloriously early to curl up with a book and relax a bit before calling it a night. As the chapters slipped by, I found myself to be a bit peckish; mouth-hungry vs legitimately hungry, if you know what I mean.

So into the kitchen for a quick snack, and what do I choose? Salsa. And tortilla chips. Anyone in a household containing another to look at them in judgement and shame would sit at the table for a quick snack. Or perhaps the coffee table and couch.

But my ridiculous, solo-living self took said snack back into the bedroom. And proceeded to munch on chips and salsa IN BED. There is nothing, NOTHING logical or good about this idea. Don’t eat in bed. Really. Even at the time I knew it, but safe in my independent living world, I did it anyways.

Will this be the last time I have a quick snack in bed?  I wish I could promise yes.  Perhaps, dear anonymous internet world, you can be my proverbial shaming roommate, bestowing judgmental looks upon me from the ether. But let’s be honest…. one of the BEST things about living alone is the freedom to be a little ridiculous. And silly. And develop mostly positive, independent, self sustaining habits. If a couple embarrassing ones slip in from time to time… well, just keep your average above 500 and I say you win.

On the plus side, I totally dreamed of being at the beach last night. Though a rouge salty and crunchy addition to my sheets may have been a factor…

(And for the record, my sheets and blankets all went into the wash first thing this morning, along with a little bit of my pride. I am not completely uncivilized.)

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