40 days to 30

Confession: I am not actually 30 yet.

I am ALMOST 30. I feel like I have been saying that for a while. When I did the math today, I realized it’s exactly 40 days until my birthday. Which has gotten me to thinking about resolutions and life and such, and whether or not I should have some Lent-esque resolutions for the last 40 days of under 30.

Second Confession: I am not Catholic.  But I enjoy Lent. I like the concept of challenging yourself, bettering oneself, etc. And the beautiful thing about Lent vs a New Year’s Resolution? You only have to push yourself for six weeks. It’s manageable. There is a clear light at the end of the tunnel. It is the 5k, not a marathon, of self improvement. I mean, come on… even the laziest of us can give up some vice for 40 days right? And then maybe, just maybe, the habit will stick and you will be a better person in the long term. Maybe.

The following is the top ten things given up for Lent (thanks, quick Google search), and why I won’t give them up for my Lent-30th:

  • 1. Twitter – I actually think I should maybe be on Twitter MORE. Seriously, its like twice a month that I remember about Twitter.
  • 2. Chocolate – Dark chocolate fills me with happiness, and I am a better person for it. That is all.
  • 3. Swearing- Not something I do too often. Except for comic relief. I think that is just fine.
  • 4. Alcohol – Like chocolate, a nice glass of wine after a long day is not something I feel the need to change.
  • 5. Soda – Not something I consume very often
  • 6. Facebook – Best way to share photos and keep up with friends and family around the world. Like any tool, it can be misused, but I do still love me some Facebook.
  • 7. Fast Food – See #5
  • 8. Sex – No comment. This is a topic for a later post. Seriously, Blog, we just met.
  • 9. Sweets – Dark Chocolate is my only real consumption of sweets, so kinda a non-issue. (See #2)
  • 10. Meat – I actually did this last year. Being a vegetarian wasn’t too hard and helped me develop my love for kale and quinoa. (Cause I am a pseudo-hipster like that?)

As I see it, most of these so-called vices can be a good thing sprinkled in to a generally healthy life. Bad in Moderation = Insert Profound Quote About Life Here. After approximately three minutes of careful reflection on my 29.89 years of living, I am pretty darn content with what I am doing.

So I think for the next and last 40 days of my 20’s I will probably just keep on being me. In moderation.

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